Friday 16th February 2007
… I went with Faizi to get Windows Vista x64 from Dr. Bilal ( Tufail Road, Cantt Lahore ). But we got 32 bit Vista from his GATE. Installed it. I love it 🙂 …. Faizi installed it. He like it. There is some problem with nVidia nForce4 audio driver. Nvidia didn’t bundled nvMixer with latest nForce4 driver. Real’97 audio sucks grrrrrrrrrrr……. Well, Vista is CooL =)

Saturday 17th February 2007

… Long awaited LANPARTY 😀 ……. at Saad’s home. Afee, Faizi, Zaman, Jaffer, Saad, Zaka just rocked it lOl ….. Windows Vista ready Lan Party. Games we played were CounterStrike, SeriousSam, NFS Underground2, and some others. Nearly 1 TB of data available to share. Went to Wahdat Road to have karahi 😀 …. and also chicken pieces n Bla. I slept early 4 or 5 A.M and woke up at 10 A.M. Came back home at 2 PM.

Sunday 18th February 2007

… I’ve been downloading Gnomon Pipeline for video game animation. Maya is working on Vista. But i don’t know why i m not feeling like studying. I wanna take a break ….

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 19,20,21 Feb…

Sir Shezad asked to model that screwdriver and wow … 2 marks out of 40 :S …. well, we can’t just go and work on his level in like 3 months. He just wants to be praised by us Moazam thinks. Haider is lovely. I went to Newports today and had this Pak Studies class. Its presentation of ” do qomi nazriya ” and have to model that bottle of AquaFina and give to Sir Shezad. We ( saad me n faizi ) brought . Me myself and irene . Proposition . tadpole and also brought Splinter cell:Double agent on RENT. I also backuped some data. I’ll post details now.


~ by vermilion moon on February 21, 2007.

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