Hello World, Again!

Hi .. Its been a really long time, 27 months to be exact since i posted here.

While i was away, that actually i wasn’t as i was very much here.

Things have changed a lot, things for example my skills, my school of thoughts, my personal life, my vision but everything else seems same. I don’t think any one missed me here lol, But I’ll rather not get disappointed by that feeling and go ahead to write further, as that’s what i am here for. Yo!

Certainly, it ain’t possible to pen down everything that has happened in past 2 years or so, But in a nut shell, I should say “Life is Crazy”. It turns & tosses you pretty badly at times, But it also tells you that not everything is bad, there is love & happy moments that you’re never going to forget, some moments you’re going to remember even on your death bed, Some people who have come in your life and left some solid prints right there, but there is betrayal as well. There is reject and denial, dreams and fortune.

As time is passing, I can say growing older isn’t a very bad idea after all, I actually find it quite amusing & exciting. The thing is we waste a lot of time here & there and get very less out of our time, This we do realize but we don’t consider it seriously as an issue. As fortunately, we are humans, that leads us to this unfortunate ability of not being able to totally control ourselves over our thoughts, do’s & don’t s. We make mistakes a lot of them, more than animals do, and we seldom learn from them. So, without a vision & a positive attitude towards life, there is no success even you seem successful. Without Love and Wisdom, Life can turn into a real ugly Bitch. And with purity & faith, Life is always beautiful. So,

Faith, Trust  & Knowledge is the key here.

Good Luck


~ by vermilion moon on May 11, 2009.

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