Waking Up Again.

I slept in intervals today, slept and woke up again n again.

It was Asad’s first O lvls final exam, “Phy ATP”. I slept at ~4:30Am & woke up at 7Am. Dropped him to “Deewan-e-Noor” examination hall thats kinda 20Kms away from our place, near Allah Hoo Chowk. Came back and slept again for 2 hours, woke up again and picked him up, slept again and woke up to pick up Sunny from his University. I am responsible for this Pick n Drop for like 6 more days :/. So, Chill out yO! btw, I slept again 😀

I finished creating the Goldbar Templates, just sent the last 6 of the total 20 designs that i have created for him over the span of last month or so. Now, i am left with JohnScott’s website & Dushan’s You&ITee. I was out of focus whole last week, but now i am feeling much better but i ain’t going to take any new projects right now.

Listning to a rock playlist including; Bon Jovi, Daft Punk, Def Leopard, Dido, Lee Roth band, Roxen, A lot of mixed up stuff yea ;).



~ by vermilion moon on May 12, 2009.

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