Heat is ON!

Today and yesterday were the hottest days i’ve breath. There is nothing much to say or remember as time is flying through the echoes of empty space, Our sun is coming near to our earth everyday, and not many care? woah!

I feel like going to sleep and then no one should disturb me or wake me up, i want silence and lonliness. I want stars to fade away, clouds to faint and night to prolong itself. I feel a cold insincerity in my ribs. Ah! Fish it.

Anyhow, I went with saad to get a new chair a day ago. Got it from Mission road near Mall road. Guests from Jang are staying at our place, funny thing, they wanted to visit Lahore Zoo and whats more wicked about all of this is that i got exited by the idea of Zoo lOl, but we didn’t go. We went to B Blck 🙂 .. that was a better alternative though. Had a chat with Roomi about various stuff.

Aadi has a bitch fight with his mom today, i don’t know whats wrong with their family.

Iwant to complete watching *Seven Pounds* and i think i’ll watch *valkyre* as well. I was planning wid Moazam n Haidar to go to see the new *Star Trek* show tomorrow, but i am not sure we’ll get the tickets so easily, Haider never picks up his phone either. So Fuck it for the greater good.

This my dear is a system of a down, anyways.

p.s: Today was Sanum’s 18th Birthday 🙂 I wish her all the happiness in her life. Foo. I remember wishing her 14th Birthday few years back. She’s a nice pretty young lady now.


~ by vermilion moon on May 15, 2009.

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