4 am

Wrote this while sitting alone, nothing to do, and yes there was no air. Thanks to Anum for the inspiration.


Its dead silence. There is no air, but i still feel my vital signs.
4Am knows all my secrets, Its when all of my dreams Die.

Lying down straight with my eyes wide open & staring at the dead tube light, i dream of another time.
That time in space of my thoughts is telling some bad news.
Crawling of your hair against my chest & the whisper of your breath, a lousy mattress in a lousy part of this room, open windows, a waxed out candle & chocolate wrappers.

I was so careless about you.
I think of you, In the old familiar places, The park across the way, In the morning sun & in a lovely summer’s day.

This is just strikingly strange Unjust.

I leave now.
You’ll try to wake me up with screams that shatter the Dawn.
But i want to tell you that i am wearing your name, i will be wearing it and that i have always loved you.

but my Love, I promise.
You will kiss my eyes again.
So, smile and tell me how much..


~ by vermilion moon on May 16, 2009.

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