Some of the highlights. Only cool thing you’ll read here is that i saw Star Trek with 2 crazy heads, who thought its a new Star Wars movie lol. So, don’t read. It sucks most of the time.

— A lot of load shedding ( Sucks )
— In the Park, under naked sky with Candy/Proxima/Dr. Jaff ( doesn’t Suck so much )
— No work ( Sucks ) I mean, i am not finishing tasks not that i don’t have work.
— Late Night Soda 😉 ( Sucks )
— Guests 😮 . ( Sucks )
— No Sleep ( Sucks, Off course )
— Saw a new Home to buy ( Rocks )
— Watched Star Trek at DHA cinema with Edgy & White Leo ( Boom, Rocks like jazz )
— Watched 7 Pounds / Rain Man and wasted a whole lot of time ( Sucks )
— Traveled to Andromeda ( I’m coming home )
— Went to Allied bank ( Sucks )

I don’t know what Dobbie Doodles is. I wonder. Why? I am exited about the terrace and the one hour phone call to the other world. I hope this happens in less than 40 days. :/ ..

Listning to Bon Jovi alot, More Matthew Sanders and Akon lol. I need to get my hands on Gun’s and Roses new studio album :Chinese Democracy: .. wo0t.

I have many things pending due to a lot lot of load shedding and less internet these last two days. Have to re-do the JohnScott’s Web design, Lot of minor changes in the You&ITee project and Marc hit me with another 12 designs for his invoices. Oh yea, My money is stuck in money bookers, Shitholes won’t let me withdraw my own hard earned ( yes! ) money. It sucks but i still hope for the best.


~ by vermilion moon on May 18, 2009.

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