Working Out

Long busy day but still not very productive, eh? I forgot my USB in net-cafe last night, where i got print outs for Sunny’s assignment.

Car out of gas and cng, dragged it home last night, Today woke up, went to Saddy’s and got his 125, UNGHHH >> GRR GRR. Got a 1.5 Litre Coke Bottle 😛 & grabbed USB on the way back, got home and was feeling Huff. Neway, i still haven’t figured out to get the money stuck with moneybookers :S … >> I’ll call the FaysalBank people for the last transaction’s statement and scan>email them for confirmation…… hate dealing with banks and money, wish they dealt in gold coins 😛

I’ve been thinking about someone who don’t have an F in her name, I am too selfish to share the only one in my name.
Home deal is tomorrow 12:NOON! Hope to see some solid progress I.A. brah! I was working on JDSv & now loaded grails for You&ITee. m out …. fish fish

The title for this post is so worked out, i exercised today in easy words lol


~ by vermilion moon on May 20, 2009.

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