sometimes same things happens in different variable periods of time to same people who are different, whats going on in one’s heart may never be read but you may feel the same in a few days or years, time is very random, we talk to people from future and listen from past.
letting go is so very difficult, but not impossible. whatever is meant for us, always finds us. like death or sickness or love.
words act like quicksands, the more you talk or try the more you will fail, true lies and hidden truths, funny enough to make us cry.
human nature is at its originality in anger and on death bed. to control is not very simple, but thats what our Creator is testing us for, if we can control.
thinking and acting is like pointing and shooting a picture, its very easy to make decisions in life. whats not easy is to admit that these are the decisions that we made for our own selves.

i have now forgotten who i was, i felt like a incomplete character of a canceled animation project, may be someday, someone else will come and model me, texture me, rig me and render me to life ………..

and never let go?

written by:Me


~ by vermilion moon on May 24, 2009.

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