ice licking

My dad says that i am unbelievable and my mom tells me i am impossible. Today was really really weird, sleeping at 4:30am and waking up at 7:00am, hooking up a gray jeans and my shades n driving to drop Acid & his friend Owais to exam hall, Listening to Tool, Bohemia, Miss Pooja lol … the playlist needs to get a life.

Went to mamoo’s home in Shadman n hacked the edge from mobilink and got it worked wirelessly on my laptop XD
Talked to a lady who says is getting fond of me for quite few hours, time slipped fast though 🙂
maami made me an omlate and 2 toasts. electricity was out for good 6 hours. Picked up Asad n his friend at 1pm, came home & slept for good 4.5 hours, woke up, took a shower and slept again :S … soooo my sleep cycle is so bad.

have to wake up at 9am and go to see nadir shah n complete some documentation process for home. i hope it goes well again, bruh! have to work on converting JDsVoice’s design to xhtml/css & design some invoices for Marc. My moneybookers account is verified so Money Movesssssssss now! I.A!

i’m not going to take more work until i settle in my new place I.A! and i wonder how i keep cool in such hot weather 😮 . yO! *salutes to the reader* 😛 Moatar came in the evening today with her mom, and she’s like gettin so sad :(:( she was 2 years old when we moved to this place and now she’s 7 …. i told her to call me whenever she wants to talk and always always remember me 🙂

p.s: the thing which kept me smilin n happy all day “lil stupid dobbie licking ice” — *keeps laufing* 😀


~ by vermilion moon on May 26, 2009.

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