Make a Fist

Another bomb:blast near mall road today, It shook up and destroyed glasses and walls on a massive scale. Hadi/Talha were in school, they were like all scared. It happened for the second time to them, previous attack on the F.I.A building left such a bad impact on the young brains.
Moazam visited the place few hours later and told that each and every shop’s glasses/ parked cars windscreens and home’s windows, few new car showrooms and commercial buildings got destroyed in kind of ugly way.
Who is doing this, may it India, USA, Taliban, our own Govt., whoever is doing this does know that it will get back to them. Its a third law of physics, Life is physics. Death is well, no subject.
I think of the 30 young police guys who died in this blast, and their familia 😦 moms, wives, sisters, brothers, dads, friends and i pray for them 😦 😦 .. i felt like being not able to do anything for them. I read about Captain Bilal Shaheed today who got shaheed on 17th May in fighting with Taliban, at such a young age and passion, why do our heroes have to die? Quran says Shaheed are alive, but if the other people fighting are Muslims so there are ways other than war.
I have this sudden urge to fight for the country as well. I have heat and strong passion in me.

Why not open our eyes? I remember what someone said to me quite few years ago.

Authoritarian oppression, family abuse, depression caused by conformity, and economic devastation will be neutralized by technological terrorism in times of complete chaos. Control will never again be gained for toleration will become extinct. A husband quarreling with his wife will not think twice or regret his spent bullet. Hungry children will not spare the grocer. Remorse in all forms will be removed from human thoughts and actions. Freedom will only be available through revolution or death. This system of a down is unavoidable as life on this planet becomes unnecessary.
The hand has five fingers, capable and powerful, with the ability to destroy as well as create. We have the power to stop and reverse the tides of time by making our awareness of abuse known to the powers of industry and their uncouth political arms. Only by raising the awareness and promoting personal peace within today’s self-defeatist society, can we allow the planet a chance to avoid self-destruction!


Fight for Peace?

Fight for Peace?


~ by vermilion moon on May 27, 2009.

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