My brain is parched and all adust, I have tasks to complete and I am terribly facing the problem of lack of concentration. I am watching news, reading blogs, writing random stuff, finding myself alone and look i actually took more than 3 hours to upgrade my blog. My mind is roaming somewhere else, maybe in the homes of the soldiers who are dying in the swat war, or in the hearts of mothers who have lost their young sons in terrorism attacks. Today, Saad went to refugee camps in mardaan to deliver what we have collected for the homeless people. I hope he comes back safely I.A.
I hated the term Internally Displaced Refugees that our govt. is using for the people suffering in this.

This is a bigger picture of my mind, but on the smaller scale i am somewhere else, i wander and wander, in this endless voyage.



~ by vermilion moon on May 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Roamer”

  1. Who’s Saad?
    And, well, I’m somewhat facing the same situation… as far as the smaller picture is concerned 😛

  2. @M.M
    Saad is my clone 🙂

  3. Ahan 😀

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