Good News

Its been a good week. Weather is brutally hot, summer has always been killing in Lahore but i think this year i am just going out more in day light. I rained yesterday night and weather was lovely 🙂 .. Good weather always inspire me and increases my ability to create good designs and write better stuff.
My sleep and eating cycles are still quite random, its not easy to be at GMT+5 and work at GMT-5. Either i should move to either Miami or Sydney, as they are only cities with my preferred weathering conditions or get married and sleep at nights lol … But they say i am still young for marriage even though i have feelings of a dying old man.

31/5/09 at 05:40am, Lucas was born to my friend Dushan 🙂 i am so happy for them, see the family picture here.
We are packing our stuff and getting ready to move to our new home in a week I.A, i’ve paid the society transfer fees today, most probably everything will be done by next sunday 😀

Sanum and her family are in Lahore for few days, and i hope she’s having fun. I had a banana milkshake in the morning and a cock’n’bull chicken cheese platter for dinner with Saad. We talked about really weird stuff, like girls. argh! Since, i slept most of this evening so i better work tonight. Clients are difficult to get and projects take a load of time, just like relations, trust and many other things in life. I wrote this little thought last night

> Cracking a bottle is easier than manufacturing it.


~ by vermilion moon on June 1, 2009.

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