Morphing Through Time

They say love corrupts you, Leaves you with everything & nothing at the same time. But now its a life with absolute mayhem and no opportunity or style what so ever.
I just noticed and its 28th July, Wasn’t it May 3rd yesterday?

Blind mirrors, painted walls, forever dying soldiers & soda cans. Life is never content. Deep down in soul, you are never convinced by the truth they all tell you about life & you yearn to look for it yourself. There’s something stuck at the back of your head and under your finger nails that won’t go away. This summer, life isn’t taking it easy. The random metro of my thoughts keeps accelerating at such crazy speeds that i haven’t felt my self breathing in some months. There is this State of Emergency in my dimension of reality.

Alright. Its been 3 months, 1 day my mother saw this property for sale in the real state section of this random newspaper & she goes we should buy this. Here i am now sitting in a new town, new home. I’m very much blessed & thankful to Almighty Allah for this but Seriously, What will become of me? There is not a single guy in this street, All i see in evening are a bunch of girls walking down the street & neighbor grandma doing a walk on patio. It is most silent in the nights. I remember Max telling me some couple years ago to start smoking as it would help me pass my nights, I didn’t listen, now i hear distant guitar sounds that are coming from inside of my mind along with a desire of being honest with myself. This particular rhythm is my stalker. It is the evil in me. Tells me to be free, get out of my skin. These drumbeats & masks are my destiny? I don’t think so. Illumination? Yes.

X: You open windows of hope in my house of sorrow.

p.s: Sometimes I don’t read what I’ve written.


~ by vermilion moon on July 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Morphing Through Time”

  1. something inside me aches!

  2. I’ve heard it’s called Heart.

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