Impossible Possibilities

The title of this post is cool, no? Doesn’t really matter because not more than 2 people visit this blog. Its like a little personal diary with some strangers peeking into it. Its been quite some days like 90+ days until I’ve posted here.

Nothing much have changed, but I’ve managed to work less & spend more time on recreation i-e Brainstorming Ideas, Drawing concepts for my new design company, Planning tutorials, Getting inspired and researching into Social Media etcetera. I guess its the perfect time of year to work on new ideas and plan to launch them coming year. Its about commitment with oneself though and what we love to do and put our precious time in. But for ME! Its just time for a new identity & re-birth of Wonder. People won’t be knowing me with the same name as they do now. I will work on things, routine and habits to change more than name does.

So writing about what happened in this time of my absence from this blog, I’ll start from way back, ummmm Yesterday! It was a cool day, Winter came in very late this year and kept me waiting for rain, like 4 days ago it rained for exactly 50 seconds and changed the wind. Quite nights of impossible weird & romantic feelings mixed up with thoughts of tech, gaming and internet media, blended with memories of past about planning the future and every day tasks and stuff to buy and cool to keep. This mind is quite a mess at times. Chaotic Soul in literally…. ugh! So back to Yesterday: i was planning to take my family out for dinner, so they finally accepted the offer and we went to Cave rest. to have some Chinese, Pakistan was playing first T20 match against New Zealand and dad was enjoying a bit too much at home, but I told him the rest. has a much bigger Tv so, He Agreed. We had hot’n’sour soup from there and i can bet they serve the finest in Lahore ( of all the places that i know including the Tai Wah and all popular chinese cuisines). Then we went to TABAQ to have some BBQ and Chamman Icrcream afterwards, Its good luck the busiest and rushiest places like original Tabaq’s branch (Lakshmi Chok) & Chamman Iceream (Beidon Road) have opened their branches in Joher Town. So, people living in South of Lahore don’t have to pass through the hell of traffic to get that taste. T20 Match was hot! Pakistan won it!

Talking about today, It was a geeky day, as last night while trying to upgrade my PSP’s firmware, it managed to fail and I was left with a PSP with original firmware that won’t allow my little bro to play anyyyyy games. I was like WHAOOOO???? Its me dude! I take suck challenges quite seriously and I don’t sit still until I’ve fixed that or killed it. So, after spending like 4/5 hours and some 600 rs on a new battery and after converting the original into a pandora, and degrading the firmware …. Its all classic now. Hurray! And Pakistan won today’s match too. Pakistan’s cricket team is also impossible just like cricket itself. They can loose and they can win. Any time of the year, Any match. No matter whos playing whos not or what! It excites me! Sports is one of my hidden passions.

So, I’ve always planned to sleep early and wakeup early but I constantly failed at it. I have reasons for it! But its not a normal life! I hope either EST becomes PST or vice-versa.

Thats about it.



~ by vermilion moon on November 14, 2009.

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