Birthday Foxy

Even those 5 seconds someone took to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on your Facebook are worth the happiness. That instant when someone notices your Birthday and thinks of you in their mind, for what you mean to them is pure ecstasy and bliss. The time took by someone while choosing the words to send you an email and selecting an e-card mean ALOT.  Mom’s kiss, Father’s prayers and hug from your best friend (along with some chocolates) are unparalleled feelings. Kiss of your loved one and marshmallows just add up to the rapture 444

It rained on my Birthday  just like it did last year. Thats not Epic but It is what it is! I cherish those little drops falling from heaven, They’re magical when you taste them with such passion! However, Its ONLY the people around you that make you feel special. Your family and friends. Birthdays are under estimated. Its when you know you are growing older, Its when you know how people love you, Its not about you, Its about your family, friends! Your people. Borthers, Sisters! Birthdays are pepper and sugar. I thank the ONE & only creator of everything dead and alive, Almighty Allah. God! Thanks for everything. I know I complain about my life, I know things aren’t always the way I want them but I know that things are always the way YOU want them to be. Please help me in any and every condition I am. Show me the right path when I am wrong. Save all Muslims from all troubles.

Here, Have a bite! Cake Alaska is Yummy – Try it from Copper Cattle at main boulevard >.> But this one is from Hob Knob. Anyhow, I want to eat that billboard on this cake.

Saad, Faizan and Moazam came at my place and we spent 3 hours randomly talking about business or rather crap. Saad n Faizan brought me these chocolates. Moatar darling called me around 4pm and told me she almost forgot my birthday but when she wrote the date 09 Feb on her class journal in school, she knew there is something about this day! She is cute! But not so cute now. She’s 11 and tells me she’s in First Year XD – I need to fix her and her mom too, Doesn’t let the little child talk to me, but its only good!! Love Moatar.

I started watching some 3 movies  but didn’t like any of them. So, I downloaded these other 10 movies that I really like. Wanna know the names? Ok.

Newyork, I love you | The Crying Game | Ghost (1990) | Traffic | High Fidelity | The Rebound  and there are few more too.

And here is my birthday song.

La valse d\’Amélie (Orchestral)



~ by vermilion moon on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “Birthday Foxy”

  1. It is Sweet as Sweet your Sweet Day =) your Birthday.

    ~Purple Spice

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