Syrup Flame

We reached home at 1600 today, Mom and I went to village on an unscheduled short trip of 2 days that turned out to be 3 days. Things have never been so ugly there. We had a robbery at our village house sometime at Winter’s peak! Fog this year was Intense! Home was locked all season. Thieves broke in and took more than 1800Kgs of wheat, around a dozen blankets and a gas cylinder. Anyway, Now We know who the burglar is but he is a CLOWN! He was caught but he played such a mind game that Police let him go to bring the other stuff. This reminds me of The Dark Knight and Joker. I hope we’ll find the remaining remains. That was nice combination of words, wasn’t it.

Sunday night, electricity went off and I made a Diyah out of a syrup bottle. Filled the bottle with kerosene oil, dipped a piece of cloth in it and lit it up.


~ by vermilion moon on March 2, 2010.

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