Jumbo Size Pepsi

All 3 of them are sleeping right now so I’m writing again. I’m posting a blog after 40 days to be exact. There’s been a lot going in Life but there’s nothing really happening. Fridays keep coming and going. It’s been a whole year since we moved in this house & last night when I went to old neighborhood; it felt like I’m still living there, It felt good but I at times feel like I’ve lost the sense of time…

Anyway, I’m having a baby… Not really, of course I’m kidding lol. Yesterday, I took mom to market & she bought 3 suits for unknown ladies. Mom don’t know whom she’s going to give them to, but she wants to keep them at home In case someone comes up, Totally really weird stuff! I was getting late, I had to see S & F, I wasn’t actually getting late as I could’ve gone there anytime I wanted but Yes Late is the word. So, I told mom to hurry upppp and she did. I dropped her home & went to get stuck in a mother load of cars and motorbikes and donkey carts and what not. Traffic really pisses me off, but to be honest I was in a car too, So I’m a part of it. I don’t own roads, I’m not the president. That SOB own roads in the real sense. I had Imran Khan’s album playing in my Stereo that I was already getting sick of, But he’s got some nice tracks in there. Reached Saad’s home & went upstairs to see Spike. He’s grown up and barks like a dog now, I hate dogs… I hate everything grown up. I like puppies and cubs and kittens and infant babies… Kids suck…..

Grabbed Faizi and something clicked in my mind to pick ZeeMAN out of his shithole as he’s been too lazy to meetup with all of us for whole last year. He sent his lil cozin downstairs and all she had to do is to let us “Bhai keh rahe hain woh ghar pe nahee hain” lol we told her to go and tell him to come down and he had to. Four of us couldn’t decide where to go as we didn’t know who’s hungry, Saad was hungry so we went to Butt Karachi at Lakshmi. Ordered half Kg Chicken karahi prepared in butter & 5 malai boti bbq seekhs. Karahi was 100/100 but the bbq sucked big time, Last time we had the same dish from the same place It felt like heaven’s food. God knows what crap happened this time! Saad had 3 cokes and we had one each. On the way back, Someone said If they want a night stay tomorrow and everyone agreed for a movie night TONIGHT, it turned out that someone was me.  So, we all came to my house to watch Avatar in HD on my 32” Bravia but Avatar wasn’t downloaded yet. 2gb left and poor 1mbit DSL asked for another 5 hours. We watched Shutter Island, It was a great drama n art film with super acting by De Caprio. Z slept all the time. Its 6am and everyone is sleeping….

~ by vermilion moon on April 25, 2010.

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  1. Who is Faizi?

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