Touch Me

Touch me
in secret places no one has reached before,
in silent places where words only interfere,
in sad places where only whispering makes sense …

Touch me
in the morning when light still clings to us,
at midday when confusion crowds upon me,
at twilight as I begin again to know who I am,
in the evening when I see you and hear you.

Touch me
like a child who will never have enough love,
for I am someone who wants to be lost in your arms,
someone who has known enough pain to love ,
someone who is sometimes strong enough to give.

Touch me
in crowds when a single look says everything,
in solitude when it’s too dark to see,
in absence when I reach for you through time and miles.

Touch me
when I ask
Touch me
when I am afraid to ask.
Touch me
with your lips, your hands, your heart, your presence in the room.

Touch me
gently~ for I am fragile
firmly~ for i am strong
often~ for I am alone.

~Richard Drake Jones

p.s: If you can feel like this for someone, You’re lucky! I am not lucky!


~ by vermilion moon on April 30, 2010.

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