Red Hot Gasket

My dad’s first cousin passed away last week, death caused by a major heart attack. Ina Lilah… So my parents had to go to village and wanted a driver. That’s me but I couldn’t go because of a project I had promised to deliver on Wednesday. So they went with jatt and on their way back something happened, the radiator cap wasn’t closed properly and over speeding the limits of what the poor car could take. Engine got heated to red hot and to fatal error. Car stopped, Wires burned, Rubbers melted and Motor oil which looked almost like tar leaked from everywhere. Allah saved them and car got the heat. So, in the middle of motorway, car stopped and came along Motorway police. Unexpectedly they were VERY helpful, they stayed there until the recovery van came in, They tried to help to start the car but the police guy was stupid enough that he poured cold water in red hot radiator. Car won’t start now you…. dumb! Anyway, they went to sheikhupura Interchange and off the road there was a little workshop. 10pm and he said engine gasket is burned. That meant whole engine was going to be hanged outside the car and opened, after struggling for around 3 hours. Car was ready to start. Mom was with them too and she was so tired.. Argh…. Anyway, they reached home at 3AM and slept.

Next day, we took car to Imran and he made a list of all things broken. We went to get the said stuff and it was fixed except Fuel Pump, but when I was at the electrician fixing the radiator fan… Oil started leaking again… Imran said I need to leave the ride for a day for him to fix the Oil pump and other unsaid stuff. So I gave him car the next day and today I got it… I love the smoothness of engine.. there is a weird sound coming from left side of engine, I’ll have to take it day after tomorrow to workshop again to check it out. Also, check those wheel bearings.. fuckers make stupid noise. Here is a list for my personal reference….

  1. Labor + Head Gasket (motorway workshop): 1800 Rs
  2. Radiator Cap Japanese: 245 Rs
  3. Engine Oil Refill: 150 Rs
  4. Electrician: 270 Rs
  5. Caltex Engine Oil: 1000 Rs
  6. Oil Filter Genuine: 105 Rs
  7. Fuel Pump local : 480 Rs (1 month warrenty)
  8. Water Pump aka WatarBady =P : 1040 Rs
  9. Timing Belt: 200 Rs
  10. Water body gen: 50 Rs
  11. SK 32 belt: 120 Rs
  12. Timing Belt gen: 70 Rs
  13. Oil Pump (used): 1000 Rs
  14. Water jacket: 200 Rs
  15. Silicon: 110 Rs
  16. House pipe plus clump: 100 Rs
  17. Heater pipe plus clump: 150 Rs
  18. Engine Seal: 100 rs
  19. Bla Bla: 30+20+30+80= 160 Rs
  20. labor Day 1 : 500 Rs
  21. labor Day 2: 2000 Rs
  22. my time and effort: Priceless

Total: 9850 Rs. Hmmmmm

Update: June 22nd 2010

I got ready for office and got in my car, There was a screeching sound coming out from my engine, I stopped at this workshop near my home and woah! there was no engine oil in my ride and air and oil filter both were damaged. I changed my oil and used SHELL this time, the guy was kinda nice, he asked me to fix the fuel pump as it was broken. After about 90 minutes I was ready to go, I won a Shell campaign Ferrari gift that I still have to pick up, I’ll probably update it later. I have to change the engine oil again after 4000 kilometers, Right now the reading is 40951 Km and next change is at 44000 Km. Here is today’s expenditure.

  • 23. Shell 3 Ltr. H7 :  1260 Rs
  • 24. Oil Filter: 120 Rs
  • 25. Air Filter: 160 Rs
  • 26. Battery Water: 20 Rs
  • 27. Fuel Pump repair Labor: 220 Rs

Total: 1750 Rs+ 9850 Rs = 11600 Rs.

Update: June 28th

Leakage didn’t stop! Argh… I called Imran and asked him to fix my car, he dropped me at office and took my car to workshop. In evening 8 O clock, he said car is fixed and sent Ishtiaq (B block driver) on my car to pick me up. I went back and here’s the expenditure.

  • 28. Hevoline 1.Ltr : 350 Rs
  • 29. Gear Oil: 100 Rs
  • Welding: 50 Rs
  • Engine Wash: 50 Rs
  • Labour: N/A

Total: 550 Rs + 11600 Rs = 12150 Rs

  1. labor Day 1 : 500 Rs
  2. labor Day 2: 2000 Rs
  3. my time and effort: Priceless

~ by vermilion moon on May 25, 2010.

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  1. Hmm.. Shouk da koi mul nai 😛

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