Reality Check

My last post seemed harsh doesn’t it. It is! But its not true, its not only truth thats harsh all the times, sometimes there are harsh lies harsh misunderstandings and harsh times. Anyway, Its June, one of the hottest months in this long summer. Being home started to feel boring even though that was The Plan, So I joined a job.. I don’t really like jobs but I like what I do.. Design Websites.. and that’s what I do there so its fine. The main issue is waking up early, driving for 30 minutes and then driving back home in evening. If it wasn’t for the distance I would love this job. My priorities, plans, arrangements, commitments are changing all the time. I am having a hard time deciding what to do with my life, but that doesn’t make me unreliable as nothing really depends on what I plan to do. Hard work is a myth in today’s age… Something is wrong here, Rules of this place are changing. I am in empty space, or let me say We are stuck here not just me. You too! We are all going through same life just in different bodies. We eat same food, we drink same water, we breath same air, we see same movies, listen to same music, live the same life!! but where are our own selves! We have lost individuality.. we have stopped the struggle with our own selves. We have killed our WARRIOR WITHIN! This is my reality check and I just feel so out of it..


~ by vermilion moon on June 13, 2010.

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