Journal Entry #38

Time is flying by, This is September. Last time I took a breath like today, it was the hot month of June. 4 months have passed since I joined this company. Weekends after weekends, the holy dawn/dusk game is so speedy now, Its not easy to catch up. Job work/ Freelance, personal projects with Faizan, People’s Disaster Management, So much is happening. Anyway, Ramzan was amazing. Waking up at sehri time and waking mom and bros, Its such a warm feeling. Going for Fajr prayer at mosque and listening to Imam’s 4 minute speech after farz. Reciting Quran. Staying away from lies, bad stuff and eating all day long, Ramzan is without doubt my best time of year. Aftaris with friends and relatives, Pakoray Samosay, balle balle.

Eid was good, although dad wasn’t here with us to celebrate it this year. 3 days of nothing to work on! No freelance, no crap! I enjoyed it, went with fams to buy cloths for eid, gave eidi to younger siblings and mom and made them happy. Had amazing sweet and then biryani in lunch and sleeping in such serenity in my room at day time. It was awesome. I saw Iron Man II & Prince of Persia on eid day, They both sucked. Went to Jammin’ Java café on 2nd day of eid with Teffy, lost my USB somewhere :/. Got together with friends on 3rd day of eid to see Inception but didn’t get tickets as it was sold out. Then we just went to have diner at a stupid rest. in H Block, DHA. We then played cricket all night with young cozins at Nomi’s place, I won all 3 matches XD though I was playing cricket after decades. Waiting for next eid, I hope I live to enjoy that, if I don’t, my mom’s dad’s and yours prayers will be bringing me laddus in heaven ; )

p.s: The #38 is just a random number.


~ by vermilion moon on September 17, 2010.

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