Silent Noise

There are things we see and there are things we do not see. Sounds we hear and sounds we do not hear. What ever is happening around us is real but there’s another life as real as this one happening everyday that we don’t experience as reality but it affects our lives as much as the real life. There are connections between us and the people we know, invisible connections. Whole conversations and emotions and feelings going on that we do not consider real because we are just too busy in the actual unreal stuff like technology and entertainment. We emit and absorb our essence into the universe, and it is exactly what we get back. We might lie to ourselves, our friends, even our God, but we cannot lie to our fate. We will never see our real face EVER, only mirrored reflections and  photographs, we can never learn everything about our own selves, everything we are told about ourselves are just conceptions of others about us. How we look, how we affect their lives and how good or bad we are to them. To truly learn about ourselves, we need to see beyond what others say and feel about us. We can choose to become what we actually are or what others want us to be. I have realised that we might run but we can never hide or get away from ourselves, our mind and heart will catch us and ask us questions sooner or later. Before God and before everyone else, we have to answer to our own selves. Are we able to look in our very own eyes and answer ourselves or are we still looking for an escape?


~ by vermilion moon on February 19, 2013.

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